3 Super Foods That Grow Your Baby’s Brain

February 09, 2017

3 Super Foods That Grow Your Baby’s Brain

Eating these healthy foods while pregnant to boost your little one’s brain, plus they taste great too! Your baby’s brain starts forming just three weeks after conception and the food you eat plays a vital role in its development.

A baby’s brain undergoes rapid changes between weeks 24 and 42 of pregnancy, with significant brain growth occurring from 34 weeks.  A wide range of nutrients are needed for this development, so eat as much healthy foods as possible. 




Sardines are a rich source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is important for helping the brain mature. Sardines are a very good source of vitamin D.
What you need: It is best for pregnant women to eat at least two portions of fish per week, one of which should be oily such as sardines or salmon.


Iron is so important to have in your daily diet because it affects the production of brain chemicals, which is vital for swift and accurate message sending in the brain. Too little iron can lead to problems with mental development.
What you need: 14.8mg of iron per day during pregnancy. A bowl of lentils provides 6.6mg. Combine lentils with vitamin C so it can increase the iron available to your body, you can add peppers, cabbage or tomatoes to lentil soup for the extra vitamins.


Peanuts are a great food to snack on during your pregnancy, it is filled with rich protein and good sources of fat. They are also high in vitamin E which supports DHA and also protects brain cells. The best kinds of peanut to choose from are unsalted roasted or natural peanuts with the skins intact.
What you need: 3mg of vitamin E a day. A spoonful of natural (no added oil) peanut butter provides that amount. Spread natural peanut butter onto rice cakes wholegrain toast for a convenient and tasty snack.