7 Life Hacks Mums Can’t Live Without

February 08, 2017

7 Life Hacks Mums Can’t Live Without


Being a mum is not an easy job, whether it’s the sleepless nights, encouraging your kids to eat new & healthy foods or the bottomless pockets of cash you need. 

Follow these top 7 mum hacks to make life a little cheaper and a lot more fun.                                                    





1. ALWAYS CARRY BABY WIPES                                                                                                            
Even if your kids are no longer babies and don’t need wipes, they will always come in handy. Always have a small pack of wipes in your bag to solve any quick issues such as wiping messy faces, giving hands a quick clean and cooling overheated kids down.

2. FREEZE YOGHURTS AND SOFT POUCH DRINKS                                                                      
For your kid’s lunch at school during the summer time, it is a great idea to freeze yoghurts and soft pouch drinks. By the time lunch comes they would have defrosted and be nice and cool to drink.

3. CUT UP FOOD WITH A PIZZA CUTTER                                                                                                                         
If you need to cut food up into smaller sized pieces, you could always use a pizza cutter rather than a knife.

4. MAKE-UP WIPES WILL CLEAN ANYTHING                                                                                
Don’t underestimate the power of your makeup wipes they can become very useful to get rid of everyday stains such as toothpaste, grass stains or face paint. They’re also great for cleaning shoes if you don’t have time to polish them.

5. COVER PLUG SOCKETS WITH PLASTERS                                                                                    
If you need to childproof your sockets, trying putting a plaster over them. This way you can protect your children’s fingers from going into the sockets.                                                                                                                            

6. USE OUTDOOR PADDLING POOL AS INDOOR BALL PIT                                                                   
Make use of your summer paddling pool all year, you can bring it into the house during winter time and use it as a fun ball pit, or a play area filled with their toys.                                                                       

You can never find a bib when you need one, so attach a sticky hook to the back of your high chair and hang them on there.