The 7 Life Skills Your Child Really Needs

February 09, 2017

The 7 Life Skills Your Child Really Needs

There is no minimum age to start learning and also no maximum age to stop. Your little one may learn how to read and write at school but there are other things that make a person loved by those around him that he won’t learn at school. These things could be categorized under the name of emotional intelligence which is the science of dealing with people around us. These skills or values learned at a young age by the baby always shape his future and your baby won’t find a better teacher to teach him those skills. 



1-   Mindfulness
As children, we were always excited and happy but unfortunately that changes as we grow up because simply we start caring more about the future. You should teach your little one to notice the small things and appreciate them because when he grows up, you still want him to enjoy the small details like sound of birds in the park or the smell of freshly baked food. Caring about the future is important but not more important than enjoying today.

2-   Kindness
Researches show that kind kids with nice actions toward others are happier. This is why you must encourage your child to be kind and you could do so by making him play a game with his friend where they can name the things they like about their friends. It’s also important to know that nicer children have more friends because of their great personality traits.

3-   The ability to listen
Everyone likes his voice to be heard and we can all relate to this because we all have that person who will always listen to us whenever we want to talk. It is very important to listen carefully to your child when he speaks because you want him to do the same with you. Also, ignoring him will only teach him to ignore others. A great idea is the “Interactive listening” where you ask questions in the middle of his talking to make him feel that you really care about what he is saying.

4-   Curiosity
We are not talking about the curiosity to know things about others and gossiping, we are talking about the curiosity to explore the world. If you have a child, then you know that he will always come up with “Why” questions and that’s a really good thing because it means he is interested in understanding so don’t tell him things like “you are not supposed to understand everything!” because it will discourage him a lot and make this skill disappear.

5-   Empathy
Children by nature feel like they are the center of the world and that everything should be about them. You can easily fix this by asking him whenever you see someone upset about what could be done for this person to make him feel better and eventually he will understand.

6-   Acceptance
We know how much effort parents put to avoid disappointing their children, but sometimes you will have to make him accept that some things in life will not go according to the plan and that’s okay.

7-   Trust
Without trust, a person could live a lonely life. The trick here is that there is no magic way to teach trust to your child, instead you should show trust in front of him. A baby should always see the trust bond between the mother and father because it has a huge impact on him. You could try showing trust to the child by always behaving like a friend whom he can honestly speak to. If you ever act so tough with him when he trusts you, he might start lying just to avoid punishment.

These skills are essential if you want your baby to be a productive member in the community someday and always be happy. You should always teach him that all emotions come and go and there is no permanent mood and that’s how life is meant to be.