Top Tips For Difficult Eaters From Dr Pixie

February 09, 2017

Top Tips For Difficult Eaters From Dr Pixie

Struggling to get your children to eat their fruits and vegetables? 

Relax, you’re not alone, and there’s plenty you can do. Try this expert advice from GP and mum-of-one Dr Pixie McKenna



1. Remember that it’s a common problem: 30 percent of children go through a difficult eating phase. Remind yourself of this every time at dinner when you are struggling with your child. This is a phase that will eventually pass, so just be patient.

2. Most children will eat when they are hungry: While feeding your child might seem that it would be easy and basic, it can be very difficult at times. You might sometimes become emotional about your child’s eating habits but try to keep it to yourself as it will only make things worse if they feel like they are getting attention.

3. Mealtimes are important for all the family as a time for communicating and bonding. Try to have all the family eat the same meal at the same time. 
4. Have a routine. Schedule three meals and a few small snacks throughout the day and stick to it. Having a routine will get your child used to eating certain meals at these times and will eventually be looking forward to them.

5. Over-drinking is one of the main causes of fussy eating. Many kids fill their stomachs with water and juice so by the time meal time comes they are full; try to limit their drinking habits so they can eat more during the day.

6. Keep trying! It is very common for any person to fear new foods, especially children. Similarly, we prefer sweet foods over bitter ones most of the time. Children like the foods that are most familiar to them. To get them to try new food you will have to be patient as you may need to try 10-14 times before they will actually agree to taste it.

7. Avoid offering large portions of food. Try to give your child small portions of food, which in return might enable them to ask for more, which is a very good sign for any parent with a difficult eater.