Ways to avoid harmful artificial colors in food targeted at your kids!

February 09, 2017

Ways to avoid harmful artificial colors in food targeted at your kids!

All of us know that neon colored foods are not healthy, artificial colors lack nutritional value and are very unhealthy, and some studies show that these types of food are not safe for your children to be eating. Thankfully there are many ways to avoid these artificial flavorings that you can incorporate in your child’s daily food routine.



  • Feed your kids whole foods such as chicken, beef, fish, fruits and vegetables. Any food that is sold naturally without any additives added to it.


  • Try to go for the organic brands, as that indicates that the food is healthy and natural. 


  • Skip the packaged food products aimed at kids such as cereal with high sugar contents and ready-made food like chicken nuggets, which can be filled with unhealthy, processed meat.


  • If there is something you are unsure of you can always read the nutrition label for further guidance. Avoid products with the words ‘food dye’ or ‘artificial flavoring’. 


  • If your kid is old enough to understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, guide them and talk to them about always trying to choose the healthier alternatives, as it will be very beneficial. 


  • There are also many ways that you can add color to your food by using natural food coloring sources such as red beetroot, frozen berries, pureed carrots and so on.